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Dinner at Arigataya Ramen – Northbridge

Last night, I went to Arigataya Ramen on Roe St in Northbridge. I walked in the door and was motioned to a table where I awaited the arrival of my dinner partner for the evening, Lee.

The menu

While I was waiting, one of the Japanese female staff working there started speaking to me in Japanese. I’m not sure if it was the way I looked or my shy and nervous manner which contributed to the mistaken assumption about my nationality, but I took it as a compliment.


When Lee arrived, we shared the Gyoza as a starter, it was quite nice. It came with a bunch of small bottles we could use to flavour our food.

Special ramen

Lee had the “Special Ramen”, it looked really tasty.

Chicken teriyaki dipping sauce

I ordered the “Chicken Teriyaki Dipping Sauce”, which is a noddle dish that comes with separate sauce bowl in which to dip the noodles. It clearly states on the menu, with the help of additional demonstrative images, not to pour the dipping sauce into the noodle bowl, as the soup will get cold. I mostly ordered this dish for the novelty of having a noddle dipping sauce. Unfortunately, my chopstick skills are extremely ungainly and I found the taste of the dipping sauce strange. These two factors destroyed somewhat the novelty of having to dip noodles before ingesting them.

Chicken Teriyaki

The noodle part of my dish was great though; the egg was slightly soft in the middle, noodles were good and the chicken teriyaki was fantastic: it had been fried so it was slightly crunchy and had a strong sweet and salty teriyaki flavour to it. I’d be keen to go back another time and try something else from the menu!

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