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Vocaloid Cosplay: Rin and Len – Gemini

Another one from January’s trip to Melbourne, this time Rin and Len from Gemini song’s videoclip on the Japanese synthesized singing game, Vocaloid. I was browsing through the images and felt compelled to edit some of them for upload despite having study to do… as you can tell from the recent flurry of blog posts over the last couple of days, I am really good at procrastination!

This shoot was fun! After the morning’s Dream of Doll studio shoot, it was a breath of fresh air to get outside (literally, heh) and not be constrained by fixed light sources. I love natural light. There is so much freedom to move and even with a reflector, it’s much more mobile than a light stand if you have super awesome helpers to hold them for you.

Here are some of the photos I liked best!
Cosplayers: Rin, the one in a dress – Siera (deviantART); Len, the one in pants – Aly (deviantART).


Skipping out of the cottage


Thank you to K and Blair for helping me carry ridiculous amounts of camera gear around the park grounds and of course, Aly and Siera for being awesome, obviously I couldn’t have taken these photos without them :D For almost all cosplay shoots, I am unfamiliar with the source material and rely heavily on my models to send me reference material and give me a verbal rundown of the emotions they’re trying to capture in the images, choose poses that are in character. I try to bring whatever I can to the table to make it all come together. This is why I am not really a “cosplay photographer”. I enjoy taking photos of cosplay, not because of a love of the reference material, but because I like the people in my photographs.

Here are a couple of outtakes – I loved these flowers outside the cottage, they were striking with their vibrant purples and pinks, however I could not do justice to the flowers without having Aly at ant-size.

So many pretty flowers

I sent a bunch of photos from this shoot to Siera earlier in the week, so there may be alternate edits popping up soon!

Out take!

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