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Little Miss Cupcakes – Kalamunda

On our adventure to Kalamunda after visiting the Last Drop Tavern, Tom and I meandered across Haynes Street to Little Miss Cupcakes. We went in there intending to buy one cupcake each and somehow ended up getting five because they all looked so good.

From left to right: 1. chocolate butterfly cupcake, 2. chocolate sprinkle heart cupcake, 3. carrot and walnut cupcake (at the back) and 4. snickers choc mud cupcake.

Tom thought it would be a good idea to get vanilla butterfly cupcake (pictured bottom right) because there was a lot of chocolate in our box. I can assure you that a sweet vanilla cupcake smothered in luscious buttercream does not really provide much of a palate cleanser between mouthfuls of chocolate cupcake ;)

Vanilla butterfly cupcake (below): Very light and fluffy cupcake with airy buttercream that was sugary, but thankfully not too sweet. There was restraint with the sugar put into both the cake mixture and icing – as a result, the cupcake was much easier to eat.

The snickers choc mud cupcake (below): It was very rich, as you’d expect from looking at this vertically sculpted chocoholic’s dream. The cupcake was very rich and sweet and the icing (chocolate ganache?) was also very rich and sweet. Combined, it was too much for my tastes but I suspect that was the point of the cupcake and many others would enjoy this creation. It’s definitely worth a try, it was the most eye-catching cupcake in the store.

Carrot and walnut cupcake (below): Carrot cake base topped with sweet cream cheese frosting topped with a sprinkling of walnuts. I am a huge fan of carrot cake (and walnuts) but often find that carrot cakes from stores are too dense, almost fruit-cake in consistency. However, this cupcake was pleasantly light in consistency. The cream cheese frosting, albeit extremely sweet, was a delicious counterpoint to the cake.

Chocolate sprinkle heart cupcake (below): A light chocolate cake topped with a chocolate sprinkle heart, nestled in a swirl of buttercream. I did not eat this cupcake, Tom consumed it while I wasn’t looking. Tom said that the cupcake was a lighter version compared with the choc mud, which was a welcome change.

The chocolate butterfly cake (not pictured below because we got impatient with photographing and moved onto eating) has the same cake base and buttercream as the chocolate sprinkle heart cupcake. It tasted quite similar to the vanilla butterfly cupcake, the chocolate flavour was obvious but nice and light.

I took a few snaps of the beautiful store while I was there:

And some from the outside, of the front display!

This stand packed with pretty white cupcakes looked like they were waiting to be picked up for a wedding.

I’d eat here again if I wanted cupcakes and I was around Kalamunda. Particularly, I’d be keen to have more of the vanilla butterfly cupcake and carrot cupcake :)

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