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Lunch at Grill’d – Claremont Quarter

There are a few options for lunch at Claremont Quarter but so far, I think Grill’d is the best! They have so many delicious “healthy” burgers to choose from and the store itself is relaxing to sit in, with plenty of natural light spilling through the large glass wall and wooden tables.

Tom ordered the Wild Wild West which was described on the menu as “grilled 100% lean beef, tasty cheese, cripsy trim bacon, free range egg, a couple of slices of beetroot with salad, relish and herbed mayo”. I’ve had this myself before and it is delicious! How can you go wrong with three different types of meat in one burger!? Not sure about how healthy this particular choice is, purely due to the burger contents, but it’s well worth the calories. The burgers are relatively healthy compared to fast food – they are made from good quality, fresh produce and it tastes a lot cleaner and less oily than a burger usually does.

Here are some more shots of the Wild Wild West burger as it is devoured:

I ordered the Caesar’s Palace: “grilled chicken breast, cripsy trim bacon, free range egg, shaved parmesan, baby coss & caesar dressing”. Not healthier at all but I really enjoyed this burger conversion of caesar salad. It had the taste of caesar salad without the salad issue of boring endless mouthfuls of lettuce.

Looking at the layers of my burger:

By the way, the burgers are large but may appear small in my man-hands. The burger size is more than adequate – I could only eat half of it :D

If you want to know how I edited these images see my Grill’d photoshop tutorial with screenshots!

Here’s a shot of the store to finish up; it’s usually packed on Saturdays but we were here mid-Friday afternoon so there were plenty of places to sit as most had finished their lunches.

I really enjoy Claremont Quarter. It feels expensive and luxurious, and it’s fun to wander around and look at things. I enjoy the clean lines of Kikki K, watching the chefs make chocolate treats through the viewing window at Koko Black, the free tea samples in T2 and the luxurious pink carpet and over-the-top girly stylings of Alannah Hill. Sass and Bide is particularly funny – not the clothes, but the store decorations. The last time I visited, they had a creepy looking, ratty-haired barbie dressed in rags complete with a jewel-encrusted face in the jewellery cabinet.


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  • June 30, 2011 - 10:26 pm

    Grill’d Photoshop Tutorial - […] techniques I’ve been using for years. I tested out some new ideas on the photos from the Claremont Grill’d visit I posted about last […]

  • July 10, 2011 - 4:59 pm

    Joss - Omg sab just going through your posts…all the food ones are making me HUNGRY! not that i wasn’t already :)

  • July 10, 2011 - 5:04 pm

    Sab - Hahah excellent! If they’re making you hungry then I’m doing my job as a photographer :D
    Also, I’m so happy to get comments on my blog Joss! I don’t really get many o_o

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