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Lunch at Last Drop Tavern – Kalamunda

Tom and I went on a little adventure to Kalamunda to try Little Miss Cupcakes, however, we required lunch before the cupcake feast could begin. After walking around to some of the local cafes we settled on the prominent Last Drop Tavern. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly face. She explained that we could take a seat anywhere we liked as menus were on the tables and ordering could be done at the food counter or bar for food and drinks respectively.

Tom ordered the barramundi with potatoes, broccolini and some sort of butter. I really need to start making notes on the menu items we order at the restaurant instead of assuming I will be able to find them online later ^^;

Tom enjoyed the barramundi, he said it was well cooked, succulent and tasted fresh. I tried a little of it and I would agree :D

I ordered the chicken salad with pumpkin, spinach, fetta and cherry tomatoes and vinaigrette on the side. I always order salad dressing on the side, there’s nothing more pointless than ordering a salad to be healthy when it is drenched in oil/fat and not only that, but the flavour of vegetables are obliterated by dressing.

The chicken was delicious, exactly how I like it – breast pieces that were pan seared so they had great flavour and were still tender and warm. The pumpkin was a good consistency, not too mushy or hard. All the flavours went together great, I barely touched the vinaigrette.

I only ate half the salad, but that wasn’t because it wasn’t good – I needed to leave space for the cupcakes! I put it into a plastic container (very classy) and ate it later :)

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