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Breakfast at Coode St Cafe – Mt Lawley

I arrived at Coode St Cafe around 8:50am on Sunday morning – it was almost half full with customers and there were a quite a number of tables booked. While I waited for Lee to arrive, I ordered the “Zinger” juice which was apple, lemon and ginger, which was priced at $7.50 but came in a generous amount – it was filled to the top when I received it, I drank some before taking this photo. There’s quite a few fruit and vegetable juice combinations to choose from on the menu, which all look interesting.

When Lee arrived with her dog, we had to relocate outside, where there were a handful of other people with dogs and people without dogs who just like the sun. It was a little warm, I probably got more sun than I have had in months whilst seated outside during our breakfast ;)

I ordered the hot cakes with mixed berries, premium yoghurt and maple syrup.

The hotcakes were of a nice consistency; although they were thick, they were springy throughout. The berries and yoghurt were a nice accompaniment, along with the maple syrup. I was extremely happy to see the unexpected extras on the plate: the cripsy almond biscotti resting in the yoghurt pot along with a slice of kiwi fruit and orange.

Lee ordered grilled peaches with fresh ricotta served with fig and fennel toast. They looked amazing and I believe she enjoyed them!

At the end of my meal, I was left wanting something salty (not really a fault of the dish). Lee said that the fig and fennel toast that she had was a little salty, which balanced the meal nicely, so I was a little envious of her meal choice. I always have this conundrum with breakfast that I want both sweet and savoury and it is often difficult to get both in the same dish.

Just a short post again as I have a mountain of study to get back to. As always, hope you enjoyed the photos :)

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  • October 22, 2011 - 11:18 am

    Chisa - This is my favourite place for breakfast/brunch at the moment – partly because it’s so close for me to walk to :) I can definitely recommend the grilled peaches with fennel toast, as well as their poached eggs!

  • October 22, 2011 - 12:09 pm

    Sab - Awesome, living within walking distance must be so good :) I might try either of those next time, poached eggs are my go-to breakfast!

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