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Breakfast at Milk and Honey – Northbridge

I like Milk and Honey because it’s fairly relaxed, not too busy and there’s something really fresh about the food. I’d been to Milk and Honey for brunch with Lee and really liked it. James street is not the most scenic place to be on a Sunday morning, especially facing the dodgy stores opposite but that did not bother me. There’s lots of parking available and the streets are blissfully empty, a ghost town compared with 8 hours prior.

Tom and I ordered fresh juices, which we both liked. You can choose 3 fruits from a list that they have out the front of the store.

For breakfast, Tom ordered the “Healthy Breakfast” with a side of bacon which probably made it less healthy ;)

I ordered the pancakes which came with bananas, strawberries, strawberry compote, maple syrup and double cream. It was SO good. The texture of the pancakes were ideal for me – some pancakes are more floury and others are more towards crepes (feel free to enlighten me on the terminology). These ones weren’t floury at all, which I really liked!

I loved the generous amount of fresh fruit that I got with the pancakes! It made me feel like I could have been eating a healthy meal :D

I suspected that  Tom enjoyed his meal too, here’s a shot of the decimated plate:

I actually really wanted pancakes this morning, and as we were trying to choose a place to eat, I wasn’t sure where to go. I am not a big fan of Pancakes Carillon / Northbridge and there weren’t others close by, it was a bit of luck that we randomly decided to go to Milk and Honey and there was a pancake option I really liked available!

Anyone have recommendations on places to go for Pancakes in Perth?

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