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Waldecks makes food?! – Lunch at Lakeview Cafe, Kingsley

My mind was a little blown when I found out there was a place that served food in Waldecks. I had been told that the chicken burger had a ridiculous amount of bacon in it, so T and I went to grab lunch at Lakeview Cafe inside Waldecks off Wanneroo Road, Kingsley. After surveying the many tasty options, I decided to order the chicken burger, which came with 2 tenderloins, lashings of bacon, fresh lettuce, cucumber, caramelised onion, beetroot and tomato. These are possibly the best burgers I’ve ever had, although I may have been biased as I was ravenous by the time we got there.

Chicken burger with bacon, beetroot, onion and lettuce from Lakeview Cafe

For those of you who are food hipsters, there’s not too much in the way of novel or gourmet food at this place, however it was good, decent food and portion sizes were more than adequate!

Chicken burger with bacon, beetroot, onion and lettuce from Lakeview Cafe

T ordered the beef burger which was good too, but I suspect he was jealous of my chicken burger. There’s something about those juicy, warm tenderloins that made the chicken burger super-delicious.

Our burgers from Lakeview Cafe, Waldecks

Here’s the view from the cafe, not quite a lake view, but pretty and serene nonetheless with lots of plant life!

The view from the cafe - Lakeview Cafe Kingsley

I’ve got to try breakfast at this place. Did I mention they also had giant bowls of wedges?

Lakeview Cafe Waldecks on Urbanspoon

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