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In a daze – September 10 on 10

I feel strange, like a fog is over my mind. Things are getting very stressful as we are drawing, inevitably, toward exams and the world seems to be turning slowly upside down. Photographing relaxes me; I did a super quick, super casual shoot with Trish, focusing on practising my direction & posing.

Looking out the window

The intricacy of portrait posing is something that I’m currently fascinated with. Photoshoots are an extremely artificial environment, so it takes some finesse to achieve a “natural” feeling in your subject’s body language, find the right light and position to shoot in. Not that I’m an expert yet, I continue to work on my techniques!

White dress

I took some more fashion-blog styled photos after these serious ones, these photos were a lot simpler and easier to shoot :)


Trish had a Vogue lying around, which I enjoyed flicking through.

Vogue Australia

Went on an adventure to IKEA, thanks to Perth Sunday trading (finally – hooray!).

IKEA flags

Browsed the self-serve warehouse area in IKEA, they didn’t have what I wanted :( I didn’t end up buying anything except a $1 hotdog.

IKEA shelves

I was still hungry despie the hotdog after the IKEA trip and on return to Tom’s house, became thoroughly engrossed in eating leftover indian food and watching Game of Thrones.

I took these next two photos on a different day because I couldn’t muster the motivation to take enough photos for the project all on one day. I’ve tried doing the 10 on 10 a few times this month and I just haven’t felt inspired. Please forgive me!

The next two images were from a walk down to a local park, taken the week previous.

Not another photo

That image above depicts how much Tom enjoys posing for me sometimes, haha!

I don’t usually take macros, thought I would experiment with these tiny flowers. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Tiny daisies

Once I got home after IKEA, I settled in for some self-study on my desktop!

Study at the computer

Don’t mind the Cellular and Molecular Biology Textbook which is being used as a monitor stand.

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  • September 11, 2012 - 3:18 am

    amy grace - your life is a kaleidoscope. just so full of detail, color, people, food, interests. and you capture it with such beauty and attention. what a wonderful trip, every month.

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