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Flowers, food and friends – October 10 on 10

It’s the 10th today so it’s time for October 10 on 10! ;) If you’re new to my blog, I post 10 on 10s each month – it’s 10 photos posted on the 10th of each month, random snaps taken roughly one per hour through the space of a day, they’re unplanned!

For this month, I chose to photograph a day full of prettiness! I helped out with Skye’s floral-themed birthday party, arriving in the morning to assist with anything she wanted help with! I was first entrusted with sandwich making; we wanted to make flower shaped sandwiches, however, economic use of bread prevailed and the majority of sandwiches were just regular rectangles. The scraps were great for snacking on though.

I filled the sandwich pictured with cucumber, cream cheese and dill and we also had smoked salmon and ham options, although the refreshing cucumber sandwiches were my favourite :)

cucumber sandwiches and mini cupcakes

While I was beavering away on the sandwiches, Skye powered through so much in the kitchen! She cooked cupcakes (gluten free and gluten-inclusive kinds), madelines, shortbread, and quiche as well as arranging beautiful fresh flowers with the assistance of her housemate! Floristry is a lot harder than you would think…

After I was done with the sandwiches, I whipped up some rose-flavoured buttercream icing and iced the cupcakes. By her design, I placed a pretty sugared violet atop each of them :) Apparently The Grocer in Claremont is the only place in Perth you can get food-grade violet.

cupcakes, madelienes, bunting and flowers

As guests started to arrive and my work was done, I got to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen for a while and eat some of the goodies we’d worked on that morning :) I think food always tastes better when you’ve made it yourself, probably because of the anticipation!

clara by the window with flowers

I have a small addiction for collecting flower brooches / wreathes / hair pins (some of which have been acquired for shoots) and I tried to wear as many as possible for the flower-themed party. I won the prize for floweriest costume, to noone’s surprise ;) Then, we watched as Skye opened her cute presents, followed by a game of My Little Pony Trouble. Those who didn’t play just heckled from the sidelines. Since I was a child, I’ve loved board games Trouble and Headache – the die rolling popping sound never ceases to amuse me!

birthday presents and trouble

The rest of the day was the usual; out for a quick meal followed by some study which thought would be a boring way to end this entry so I’ve excluded that from the post. You may have noticed I posted too many pictures anyway – fifteen; I just couldn’t narrow it down to just ten! Hope you enjoyed another voyeuristic journey into my life ;)

Follow the circle around to check out Isabel Furie’s 10 on 10 day :)

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P.S.: The hiatus is about cutting down on blog posts and photo obsession rather than stopping it altogether – if you miss me, I’m still posting to the Sabatomic Facebook Page, so like the page, see the sneak peaks, stalk, comment, say hello there if you like :)

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  • October 10, 2012 - 1:41 pm

    amy grace - sabrina, i never know what you will shoot, where you will be, who you will be with…but i am beginning to become convinced that regardless of what’s in front of you, you do it well. the light here, is just amazing. the color, the elegance, the delicacy, the impeccable framing. you make this food look like a movie star :) beautiful color and glow my friend.

  • October 13, 2012 - 10:02 pm

    Lisa - Such gorgeous photos, for what looks like a gorgeous day!

  • October 18, 2012 - 10:35 am

    Caroline - Oh wow…didn’t realize you had a blog! Gorgeous photos!!! And the light…so beautiful!

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