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Snow white – Collaboration with Yiji

Here’s what you can produce in an afternoon when you have a crafty cosplayer and a photographer eager to get her hands on her camera and flashes at long last… This shoot came about at the last minute when I decided enough was enough and you cannot force a person to study 24 hours a day for several weeks. I broke out of my jail cell study temporarily for this ad hoc creative collaboration. On the day, Giorgia and I sat down and planned the concept (mostly giorgia though), looking through some art books and her craft materials for inspiration :) She knows a lot more than me about art!

Snow white

CreditsGiorgia / Yiji – Styling & makeup // Sabrina Wong – Photography

Did you want a behind the scenes shot?

Light setup

I had a chance to crack out the speedlight softbox I nabbed off ebay and I love love the light that comes from it, it is soft and makes the skin look nice (which also means it makes my life easier in terms of postwork)! Also note the reflector I have there… never underestimate a $10 car reflector to bounce some light around ;)

Hope you liked this random contribution to the blog :)

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