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Healthy Snacks – January Food Photography Challenge

The January Inspired Plate challenge was “Healthy” as the majority of us have some sort of health-related New Year’s Resolution! I haven’t gotten around to making any resolutions yet as I have been run off my feet with work experience in Esperance and preparing for my imminent 4 week trip to the US (I’ll be flying out in 9 hours!!). Tom & I are going to try to stay healthy in the US by sharing meals, perhaps entree sized meals – Luke has informed me that he couldn’t finish a kids meal at Burger King so I’m not expecting that I’ll be able to finish any meals over there! I also will try to ask restaurants to replace carbs in the meal (like potato / rice) with extra vegetables, as recommended in my current favourite health/fitness book, The 4 Hour Body.

So let’s get onto the food photography challenge!  My idea was to make some healthy snacks that might be good as appetisers at a party, as compared with the usual appetisers offered at my friends’ houses: chips, lollies or M&Ms.

Healthy Snack #1: Roasted bell peppers with light cream cheese, strips of fresh basil atop a vitaweat biscuit.

Roasted bell peppers, basil, light cream cheese and vita weat biscuits

I was too lazy to roast the bell peppers myself, I used pre-prepared bottled ones and cut it into strips. The cream cheese was Extra Light Philadelphia cream cheese, and I chose multigrain Vita Weats to lower the GI of the food as much as possible with those wholegrains & seeds!

Roasted bell peppers, basil, light cream cheese and vita weat biscuits

Healthy Snack #2: Tasmanian smoked salmon, sprinkled with fresh dill and light cream cheese ontop of a cucumber slice.

Smoked Salmon, light cream cheese, dill and cucumber

The combination is a fairly typical one; I see dill and smoked salmon combined all the time as well as cucumber, cream cheese and dill in sandwiches, so why not put them all together? :) I thought this would be a good gluten-free, low carb option as it uses the cucumber as the base instead of a biscuit.

Smoked Salmon, light cream cheese, dill and cucumber

Healthy snack #3: Safe Sex on the beach (modified)

People tend to look at me like I am the biggest killjoy when I am at a function and say I just want water (usually I bring my own bottle in my bag heh). It’s more socially acceptable to at least have a mocktail, which is a healthier alternative to a cocktail. Fruit juice really isn’t healthy in the strictest sense of the word – essentially having a cup of sugar, whether it be fructose or glucose is not really very healthy at all but it’s healthier than having alcohol in my opinion. I made Safe Sex on the Beach, which should have peach puree in it which I couldn’t find, so I substituted with apricot puree. I substituted the artificially flavoured maraschino cherries with real cherries, which I pitted and chopped into quarters. Here’s the original recipe I modified from: Safe Sex on the Beach from Drinks Mixer.

Safe sex on the beach: grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, peach puree, strawberry, cherry

Credit: Food photography, styling & editing – Sabrina Wong

I photographed these images over 2 days while I was in Esperance as I was out of Perth for half the month, away from my styling materials! I stained some pine boards from Bunnings, bought burlap/hessian & brown paper from a craft store and filled a trolley with food from Woolworths. Would have preferred to source vegetables from the Esperance grower’s market but the timing was not right unfortunately. This time I did not have helpers, I did it alone :) Could’ve done with some helpers to help me eat the snacks I made though, I struggled to eat it and had to throw out some of the smoked salmon which was a small travesty.

Ok, that’s all from me! Now, follow the circle around to Stacey Siegal | Longboat Key & Bradenton Photographer, her food photos always have a touch of class ;) Love her styling!

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P.S.: While I was proof reading this post I had to remove 4 or 5 exclamation marks. I get way too excited when I write blog posts!!

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  • January 28, 2013 - 3:25 pm

    Tammy Grant Bilodeau - Great images Sab Love your burlap and crinkled parchment, the recipes look yummy too. Anything with cream cheese is a must try in my books.

  • January 28, 2013 - 6:02 pm

    Jennifer Grant - These turned out beautifully Sab! I love the first one-something about those green peppers and your awesome texture just make it perfect!

  • January 28, 2013 - 10:18 pm

    Healthy Eating – Food Photography « Columbia and St. Louis MO Photographer | Kay Pickens - […] on over to  Sabrina Wong | Perth Food Photography and see what she came up with for Healthy for this month’s The Inspired Plate’s food […]

  • January 29, 2013 - 4:59 am

    Kim - Liv Life - Oh, Sab! I’d come to a party at your house any day. Every one of these recipes is right up my alley. I’m particularly loving those cucumber appetizers with the smoked salmon… that one just might make it to my Super Bowl table this weekend.
    And… I’m all about the Safe Sex on the Beach!!! Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been known to hit the bar and ask the bartender to give me sparkling water with a shot of lime in a martini glass to make it look like a cosmo… no one knew the difference so no one gave mea bad time.
    Beautiful photography, as always. Your lighting give me “light envy”! Enjoy your trip to the US, and yes, I bet you will find entrees too large. We share often as well. Aloha!

  • January 29, 2013 - 12:30 pm

    Kat - Wow you rocked the contrasting colors this month. Love the moodiness of the images and the pop of color. Great job!

  • January 30, 2013 - 12:34 am

    Stacey - These are gorgeous images Sab!! I have light envy as well! Beautiful job on these and enjoy your trip to the US!

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