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Flowers in her hair {Portrait photography}

Had Cate over on the weekend and we took some photos with my newest crafty creation: a gigantic floral headband with huge peonies and roses. I love making wreaths so much! Will definitely want to use this wreath again…

Title image: Flowers in her hair

I know I’ve done photoshoots before with flower wreaths, but I like the idea of revisiting a motif or idea over and over rather than just trying it out once and moving on. Why not photograph something you love over and over? Reusing props is never harmful for the wallet either!

dreamland of flowers

You know what else isn’t harmful for the wallet? Digging out clothes from my wardrobe that work with the shoot concept. Glad to see my discount Alannah Hill blouse & lace shirt from Dangerfield go to good use – I’m larger than Cate of course, so we clipped them at the back with bulldog clips :)

Sitting pretty

Cate did the makeup herself; she had these beautiful Dollywink lashes and we chatted about makeup before the shoot, we’ve both learned about makeup application from both professional makeup artists and youtube! Cate also brought this pretty blonde wig – the colouring looks great on her, but so does her natural hair which I am keen to photograph again another time :)

Eyes down eyes up

Just a mini-shoot so that’s all for today.

Although, I do have some behind-the-scenes photos for you…

In the mirror

This is our setup – now you see why I didn’t take any wide shots! I pinned up a sheer curtain over the door to get that clean white background :)

Behind the scenes

Should probably go out the back and clean up, I’ve only put half of it away ;) Cleaning up afterwards is the least fun part.

Hope you liked these,

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