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Trunks the cat {Perth Pet Photography}

A few weeks ago, I dropped by Russell’s house and took some photographs of his cat, Trunks! Trunks is a beautiful ginger tabby with the softest fur and a friendly, talkative nature.

Trunks the cat

Russell inherited Trunks from a friend who was moving in with a cat-allergic partner.

Trunks the cat: King of the Garden

He was named Trunks because it was the name of a character on Dragonball Z and his original owner was a huge fan of the show.

Trunks the cat in black and white

I thought Trunks was a young cat due to the agile way he moved around and his friendly, kitten-like temperament, but he is actually 12 human years old, which means he is 70 in cat years!

Trunks the cat

Russell’s favourite thing about Trunks is when he sits on Russell’s belly with his tongue sticking out, purring, a picture of contentment.

Trunks the cat silhouette

Russell’s least favourite thing about Trunks is when he wakes Russell up at 3am because he’s hungry and he’s forgotten where his biscuits are.

Trunks the cat meows a lot

Russell and his housemate joke that even though Trunks is old and scrawny, he beats up all the strays in the neighbourhood when they venture onto his turf.

Trunks the cat explores the garden

Trunks doesn’t like to be picked up like a baby, but he will tolerate it for a very short while.

Trunks the cat doesn

Trunks’ eyes look a little different because he has had eye surgery – it’s a hereditary condition in his family that cause his eyelashes to grow into his eyes. He is fine now, though!

Trunks the cat looking regal

Russell describes Trunks as “affectionate, unpretentious and an adorable dork.”

Trunks the cat rolling about on the floor

This is where Trunks likes to sleep during the day; on a comfy bean bag in his housemate’s room next to the blinds.

Trunks the cat at nap time

At night time, Trunks likes to curl up with Russell!

Trunks the cat is so cute when he sleeps

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed playing with Trunks while the boys were playing Pokemon on the 3DS! It had been newly released that day ;) Thank you for having me over Russell!

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  • October 31, 2013 - 3:39 pm

    Skye - Awww! These photos are fantastic and really capture his personality.

  • November 20, 2014 - 4:01 pm

    Mindy - Hi sab:) Hw u? Good to see ur blog up and running again, really wanted to tell u these photos of Trunks is so cute :) and very nice.
    Good luck with ur gap year off and excited about ur zone launch tmr :) wish I could join the party but will party frm afar with bub hehe


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