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Tom smiling in the morning

Volcano adventures in Hawai’i {10 on 10 March}

When people think of the islands of Hawai’i, images of surfing beaches, cocktails and flower leis come to mind.View full post »

Wake up at 3am to catch the plane

Crossing the date line – Feb 10 on 10

On holiday at Walt Disneyworld in Orlando right now as I write this, but I will be somewhere else in the US by the timeView full post »

Sabatomic: Road Trippin'!

Road Trip to Esperance – Jan 10 on 10

I’m all ready to start a new year of “10 on 10” with a different group! Excited to find out moreView full post »


A new adventure – December 10 on 10

This is the final 10 on 10 for the year. I’m actually really glad I did this project and although our group hasView full post »

Getting ready in the morning

Just another day – November 10 on 10

I left it until the 9th of November to shoot this, so I had no choice but to shoot it on a mundane day where nothingView full post »

cucumber sandwiches and mini cupcakes

Flowers, food and friends – October 10 on 10

It’s the 10th today so it’s time for October 10 on 10! ;) If you’re new to my blog, I post 10 on 10sView full post »

Looking out the window

In a daze – September 10 on 10

I feel strange, like a fog is over my mind. Things are getting very stressful as we are drawing, inevitably, towardView full post »

10 on 10 August

Sewing, food, more sewing – August 10 on 10

I am having trouble finding the words this month, so here are a handful of half-sentences and a collage. I find itView full post »

The early bird catches the worm

Work-life balance – July 10 on 10

What I love about this “10 on 10” project is that for that one day, I’m always on the lookout forView full post »

Hospital hallway

Last day of term – June 10 on 10

It’s time for my second 10 on 10! Time really flies by, I have been shooting a lot but have a bit of an editingView full post »

Cloudy sky over the shrubbery

Weekend adventures: May 10 on 10

I’ve joined a project called “10 on 10” – where we post 10 images on the 10th of each month. WeView full post »