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Click on the photos below to see my latest monthly food styling setups and some older photos of food from cafes and restaurants around Perth!

{Perth Food photography by Sabrina Wong}

Milk and cookies for santa ... and some romantic candlelight

Milk and cookies for Santa – November Food Challenge

The Inspired Plate challenge this month was “The Holiday Table“. I shot this during my exam period so IView full post »

Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips on black – October Food Challenge

I had convinced myself I wouldn’t be doing any more food challenges until after exams but I just had to give thisView full post »

Icecream sandwiches and chocolate-dipped strawberries

Summer Desserts – Food Photography Challenge [August 2012]

This month’s food photography and food styling challenge was “Summer Desserts”. After many weeks ofView full post »

Raw chicken wings, marinading

Super Asian Chicken Wings – Food Photography Challenge [July 2012]

The reason why these wings are super asian is because they have asian ingredients, are presented in asian bowls, andView full post »

Raw Emporer Fish

Chinese Steamed Fish – Food Photography Challenge [June 2012]

This month’s challenge was fish! It’s not something I typically cook (“things I typically cook”View full post »

Donna Nay cover with icing showing

Magazine Recreation – Food Photography Challenge [May 2012]

I’ve joined another blog circle called “The Inspired Plate”, as you may guess, this one is for foodView full post »

Chicken burger with bacon, beetroot, onion and lettuce from Lakeview Cafe

Waldecks makes food?! – Lunch at Lakeview Cafe, Kingsley

My mind was a little blown when I found out there was a place that served food in Waldecks. I had been told that theView full post »

New Holland Honeyeater at The Berry Farm, Margaret River

The Berry Farm – Margaret River

When Chisa made her post about going down south, it reminded me that I still haven’t posted the photos I shotView full post »

Buttermilk Breakfast Parfait With Muesli & Fresh Berries

Happy wife, Happy life – Breakfast at The Happy Wife, Bunbury

Drove down the Bunbury last weekend and paid a visit to The Happy Wife. It was around 10:30am on a Saturday morning butView full post »


Cake at 50mL – Oxford St, Leederville

I asked Lee whether the slice of apple atop the cake was dried apple. Lee said that she thought it was fresh appleView full post »

Stuffed chicken wings from Phong Vinh

Dinner at Phong Vinh – Northbridge Vietnamese

As most of my friends know, I’m currently obsessed with Vietnamese food. On recommendation from a VietnameseView full post »


Calling all star wards nerds who love chocolate

On a bit of a hiatus, photos from China and some cosplay shoots are in the works :) Until then, have a look at theseView full post »

Triceratops floating in a sea of stars

T-rex & triceratops’ space adventures in gingerbread

I found some delightful T–rex and Triceratops cookie cutters at Lady Kitchener in Claremont last week. They wereView full post »

Gingerbread train! Choo choo

In this gingerbread set from Coles, the gingerbread comes pre-baked and the icing comes in bags along with all theView full post »


Red velvet cupcakes

I wanted this series of photos of red velvet cupcake batter to look a little like a blood-letting sacrificial ceremonyView full post »