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I happen to know some people who are awesomely talented at creating costumes in Perth and am more than happy to do some cosplay photography with me to showcase their craftsmanship or just to get together and have fun! :)

Here’s a list of cosplay photography shoots I’ve currently got on the blog for easy access. Hope to make this prettier in future but for now, here’s a simple list.

The format is: Series – Characters (Cosplayer)

Catherine video game (Atlus) – Catherine and Katherine (Sharlie and Janey)
Uta no Prince Sama – Masato and Ren (Aly and Min)
Macross Frontier – Ranka Lee (Jill) Part 1
Macross Frontier – Ranka Lee (Jill) Part 2
Macross Frontier – Ranka Lee (Jill) Behind the scenes
The Last Remnant – Emma Honeywell (Jen)
The Last Remnant – David Nassau (Min)
The Last Remnant – More of Emma and David (Jen and Min)
Vocaloid “Gemini” – Rin and Len (Siera and Aly)
Dream of Doll – Luke, Ducan and Kalix (K-chan, Aly, Blair)
Alice in Wonderland (Jessica Truscott)
Twilight – Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Bella Swan (Aly, K-chan, Amelia)

Meiko by the pond

Vocaloid Senbonzakura: Meiko in the Japanese garden

This Vocaloid Senbonzakura: Meiko shoot is from my backlog, from August, so delayed because I have had such a crazyView full post »

Catherine / Katherine Atlas video game cosplay - which would you choose?

Catherine Atlus video game cosplay: Sneak Peek!

Here’s a little sneak peek into some stuff I’m working on: cosplay photos of characters from the CatherineView full post »

Uta Puri Collage

UtaPri Photoshoot Preview [Cosplay photography]

Here are some shots from a studio shoot I did in January with Aly and Min! They’re cosplaying Masato and RenView full post »

Macross Frontier Cosplay – Ranka Lee, Part 2

More from the Ranka photoshoot with Jill, Teresa and I. I wanted to try out some angles with Jill lying on the ground,View full post »

Macross Frontier Cosplay: Ranka Lee, Part 1

A few weeks back Jill, Teresa and I went out to do a shoot of Jill’s Ranka Lee cosplay, here are the results!View full post »

Look into the sky

The last remnants of The Last Remnant shoot

Here are the last lot of photographs from the series of three blog posts I’ve made with these The Last RemnantView full post »

The Last Remnant Cosplay – David Nassau

As promised, here’s the next post in my The Last Remnant cosplay series featuring some of my favourite shots ofView full post »

The Last Remnant Cosplay – Emma Honeywell

The detail and workmanship that went into Jen and Min‘s The Last Remnant cosplay at Perth Supernova was justView full post »

Tasty pudding!

Stocking + Pudding

Just a quick post – Karina cosplaying as the character Stocking from the insane anime series, “Panty andView full post »


Vocaloid Cosplay: Rin and Len – Gemini

Another one from January’s trip to Melbourne, this time Rin and Len from Gemini song’s videoclip on theView full post »

Black Ducan - Cute

Dream of Doll Cosplay: Luke, Ducan & Kalix

Finally getting around to posting photos from the Dream Of Doll shoot I did in January this year, over in Melbourne. IView full post »

Alice in Wonderland

This was done over a year ago! The amazing Jessica Truscott (who also does photography) came with her Alice inView full post »

Twilight cosplay

Twilight cosplay because Twilight is hilarious. Talented cosplayers: Aly as Edward Cullen K as JacobView full post »