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Pan Pepperoni Pizza {Perth Food Photography}

Pepperoni Pan Pizza {Perth Food Photography}

I’ve been enjoying my last holiday as a student by relaxing, doing fun photoshoots and introducing a new memberView full post »

Woodland Table Settings

Woodland Table + Gingerbread Cookies {Perth Food Photography}

I haven’t updated this blog for a little while because of solid studying for my final exams and celebratingView full post »

Closeup of Peach crumble {Perth Food Photography}

The first peaches of the season {Perth Food Photography}

The Inspired Plate challenge for “Seasonal Fall Dish” conjures up visions of pumpkin-related food items,View full post »

Lavender and Lemon Drink |

Fruit & Herb Waters for Spring {Perth Food Photography}

The September Inspired Plate Challenge was “Fall Drinks”. However on this side of the globe in Perth, it isView full post »

Photograph of banana and honey bread

Banana & Honey Bread {Perth Food Photography}

This month’s food photography challenge was to 1) make food with something from farmer’s market and 2)View full post »

Cottage Pie - July Food Photography Challenge

Winter Warmer: Cottage Pie {Perth Food Photography}

For “The Inspired Plate” challenge in July was to shoot a “seasonal dish”. Here in Perth it isView full post »

toasted coconut popsicles

Toasted Coconut Popsicles {Perth Food Photography}

This month has been a bit of a disaster in more ways than one and it seems fitting that my food photography projectView full post »

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Un-Vietnamese Spring Rolls {Perth Food Photography}

Originally, I called these “un-vietnamese” because I thought I had added non-traditional ingredients but aView full post »

chocolate tart sabatomic food photographer

Chocolate tart – April Snack Challenge {Perth Food Photography}

I’ve eaten chocolate tart at cafes or restaurants around Perth, but I’ve never found one I was particularlyView full post »

Yoghurt pancakes and strawberries - Food challenge March 2013

Yoghurt Pancakes – March Breakfast Challenge {Perth Food Photography}

When my alarm went off at 7am on a Saturday morning, I was pretty chirpy and ready for a morning of food styling andView full post »

December food challenge Celebrate - Sabatomic Photography

Vanilla cupcakes and spiced lemonade – December Food Challenge

The Inspired Plate last theme for this year is Celebrate! It’s the very last day of the year and I am celebratingView full post »

Milk and cookies for santa ... and some romantic candlelight

Milk and cookies for Santa – November Food Challenge

The Inspired Plate challenge this month was “The Holiday Table“. I shot this during my exam period so IView full post »

Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips on black – October Food Challenge

I had convinced myself I wouldn’t be doing any more food challenges until after exams but I just had to give thisView full post »

Raw chicken wings, marinading

Super Asian Chicken Wings – Food Photography Challenge [July 2012]

The reason why these wings are super asian is because they have asian ingredients, are presented in asian bowls, andView full post »

Raw Emporer Fish

Chinese Steamed Fish – Food Photography Challenge [June 2012]

This month’s challenge was fish! It’s not something I typically cook (“things I typically cook”View full post »